Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay, so I have this long time childhood crush that added me on FB few years ago, (oh wait, when did FB started, lol) He was still the same "boy" I used to know during my elementary days. I was surprised when one day he said "Hi" to me in the chatroom.To make the story short, we became more closer and comfortable with each other. He's committed with his girl and I have my boyfriend too. We chitchat almost everyday, so on and so forth. We talked about anything under the sun, from serious to jologs topics, and of course our elementary days ( we were classmates in grade 3),I was surprised when he told me that there is one thing that he can not forget about me... He told me that I was the one who brought him into the school clinic when he fell down and bumped his head somewhere in the classroom. I was trying to reminisce that day but to no avail because I can't remember any. I let it pass and just told him that it's been a pleasure bringing him to the clinic, (of course I did'nt tell him that it's because I had a big crush on him before, lol)
Things went smoothly between us as friends and I can say that what I felt for him before is far from what I am feeling now! I'm sure of it... It was just an infatuation, and I'm  over it!  Untill one day, he started calling me "Sweet"! I asked him why that name... and he said, "Simple, it's speaks your personality." So from then on, he stops calling me by my name anymore and stick to that "Sweet" name. To be honest, somehow it made me feel special and sometimes, I'm acting as if i am a teenager starting to spread her wings to adolescence, lol.  I don't know why but that's what I feel everytime he calls me that way.
He knows that I am already engaged and I even invited him to be there on my wedding.  I wasn't expecting that things will change between us until one day, as I was checking on my FB, there was a conversation between him and "ME".... but wait, it's not me... It's my boyfriend who pretended to be me. Okay, my boyfriend knows my password and vice versa.  He confronted him and told him that we're getting married and all that. I don't know what to do when I red all their conversations. He was swearing on him, telling him foul things!
I let it pass for a couple of hours but when I came back into my senses, I logged in back into FB and try to look for him only to find out that my boyfriend already blocked him from my list. That night, I called my boyfriend and explained to him what it is all about. I told him that it's nothing! he believed me, but of course he is mad, he even asked why did I let that friend of mine call me "Sweet" in the first place? I explained to him and comforted him that there is nothing to worry about because it is him that I loved so much! Hmmmm, okay,  so I also have my shortcomings because I let that friend of mine call me Sweet which is not good when you already have a boyfriend! I mean, endearments are only used by couples, right? =)
At the back of my mind, there is this guilt because I have hurt not only one but 2 person because of my negligence. First my boyfriend because he is right. I shouldn't let that friend of mine call me "Sweet" in the first place even if it's nothing for me. And second, my friend who was clueless why suddenly he was blocked from my list. As far as I want to add him up again and be updated, I choose not to because I don't want my boyfriend to get hurt again even if for me there's nothing special between me and my friend. I just wish that when we see each other again, he will understand why it's supposed to be this way...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Experiencing Europe

Everybody dreams of going to Europe, (not for European people, of course, lol). They say that you’re lucky if you will be able to go and find a job in a European territory. You’ll get more compensation and experience different things whilst meeting a lot of new people from different places! Indeed, it is!

 My first few days, weeks rather was awesome! I was able to visit different places that was only visible through my dreams and discover things that are new to me. I get mesmerize every time I feel the coldness of the wind touching my skin, smelling the fresh air and looking at people from different walks of life as they go and pass by at the busiest streets of the city. It’s as if the city or the place itself doesn’t sleep, perhaps they didn’t know what the word “Silence” is. 

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

 For quite sometime, I forgot the reason why I am here! Until one day, I started working!

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
It was sooooo hard, you have to wake up early in the morning and work for 12 hours or more (case to case basis). If there are special occasions that you want to spend with your family or greet them even online (via skype), you cannot because your boss needs you to work, you have to always put your mobile phone in silence mode and check it only when you have a chance to do so (I usually check mine in the toilet) so that when somebody calls or send you an SMS it will not be so obvious. You have to hide your laptop in your closet or drawer and check on it once in a while (depends if there’s a wifi zone that doesn’t require a password).“EURO” means working a lot in Europe! It’s as if you are working your ass off to earn a lot! You’ll experience back and shoulder pain and a lot more. You can’t complain or ask because aside from not knowing how to speak their language, you don’t want the people who helped you to think that you are complaining so much. The only thing that you can do is to cry out your heart at night when nobody sees you, pretend that everything’s fine and perfect when somebody ask you (especially your family) and pray harder and ask for some signs from HIM, if this is all what He wanted for you! 

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
 There are times that you want to give up and surrender! Hoping that you could go back home and be with your family and spend your time with them giggling and laughing till you lost your voice! But you can’t do any but pause for a while and sigh in between works wishing that this is a just a dream, a way of teaching you what life is all about --- PATIENCE and HARD WORK!!!  PATIENCE because there are different kinds of people that you have to please and HARDWORK because this is what really matters! Those were the things i discovered here and I am still in the process of adjusting and learning all the things that I need to know, little by little! As they say, slowly but surely!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Living the Dream

I am fond of traveling and going to different places. I am an adventure seeker that likes to be outdoors more than being a home insider. Cooking, knitting or any other womanish thingie are not my cup of tea (though I can also do that if I like and if need be). When I was a child, I dreamt of going somewhere but didn’t exactly know where. All I know was that someday, just like the others, I will also experience to fly out of the country. At a very tender age,a premonition of leaving my country and trying my luck somewhere else hit me. And so...... This is my story!

It was year 2010 when the opportunity to go to Thailand came to reality. I can’t believe when I arrived at the airport. In fact, I got teary eyed and told myself “This is it”. Teaching English and staying there for quite some time was a wonderful experience. I gained a lot of friends and I enjoyed my stay as if it was my second home. I thought that working and staying in the “Land of smiles” made my wish came true… Until one day, I got a message from my mom telling me to come home because I’ve got some papers to process. To make the story short, I went home and did exactly what I was told.

It took me forever to realize that I will be able to have another wonderful opportunity. In less than a year of staying in Thailand, I had crossed the country and pursue my dreams in Europe. Yes, in Europe!!! 

The Vatican
Saint Peter Church

Now, it’s no longer a premonition nor a dream but a reality! I can’t explain the feeling ‘till now especially when the plane landed at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome and the cold breeze of the air touched my skin. It was like fulfillment! I can attest that a dream is no longer a dream once achieved and a wish is no longer a wish once experienced (Unless you dream and wish again, lol). It may sound absurd, corny, dramatic, or whatever you wanna call it, but who cares? It’s a dream come true for me anyway.

Livin' la vida loca

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nurse at Heart

Working in a secondary hospital for almost four years as an admin staff, assigned at the emergency room wearing the typical nursing costume        (scrub suits), and working 12 hours a day (or more) on a shifting basis,was not easy. Just like a doctor, teacher, and the likes, it requires a lot of patience, perseverance and determination. Hospital was like our second home and working in the emergency room was really stressful! We experienced different kinds of treatment from the patients, their relatives and even from our own co- workers, which sometimes degrades us!

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

We cannot complain nor ask for a nice treatment from the patients or their relatives. Not even to doctors! We cannot shout the patients every time they spit or vomit on our scrubs, pull our hair and slap our face whenever they want to. Okay! They’re sick, but it doesn’t mean that they can do anything they want just because they’re lying on the bed and fighting for their lives, right? Nurses are also human!!!

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

There were times that we ended up celebrating our birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions with the patients and our co workers instead of being with our families and loved ones! (Sad wasn’t?) But you know what? The best thing of being a nurse and working in a hospital is that you get to have your monthly check up for free! You can also bring your mom and the whole gang free of charge too =) (But of course, it would be depending on hospital’s rules and regulations) Mind you, the hospital that I had served for almost 4 years was very strict and firm when it comes to this matter! Good thing I have my ER Family to help me with =)=)

Nurses just wanna have fun =)
Going wacky =)

I also met a lot of good friends (especially at the ER Department) and it feels like they were my second family. We had arguments, we shouted at each others faces, span the charts and threw it in the air as if nobody cares. But at the end of the day, we went home with a smile on our face as if nothing happens.

My ER Family
Being a nurse is not all about the chartings!!! It is all about passion! They work hard not only because they want to earn money, but because this is what they pledge for! 

Emergency Area
 I may not be a nurse by profession but based on my experiences, I am proud to say that indeed, I am a nurse at heart, in my own way!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pain in My Heart

As I was scrolling down for the latest posts from my friends on Facebook, I was intrigued with a video post of the song " Pain in My Heart" sung by Second Wind.  For some reason (which I don't  know), I felt the song so much and it really moved me big time! I kept on playing it over and over again and at some point, I didn't notice that tears were already flowing from my eyes! The song was very sad and it expresses so much agony from a very good relationship that has come to an end. Then, it made me think for a while and asked myself...What if it will happen to me? What should I do? How can I carry on? Can I take it? Lot of questions starts to run through my mind which for a while made it palpitate.
Photo Courtesy: Goggle Images

Can you imagine yourself sitting on a couch or lying on the bed crying all day and night while reminiscing the past looking at your pictures together? Oh boy, I don't think I can take that! Nobody wants to be broken hearted and that's the feeling I don't ever want to experience!!! Hmmm, enough of this mellow drama....All I want is to share the song =) To those who haven't heard it yet, here it is... Enjoy and feel each word!!! I'm sure it will move you big time just like what happened to me!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Philippines Sea Foods Capital

We left Manila on a sunny Wednesday morning full of excitement and joy. Then, the weather changed from sunny to humid when we landed in Roxas City. It seemed that everyone was sweating profusely. Anyways, as i set foot at the airport, I was mesmerized by the angelic voices of the airport's singers in a beautiful Ilonggo song. On our way to my grand parents house, I can't help myself but to reminisce all the memories I have there. I paid a visit a year ago but I can't deny the fact it is getting more and more different each time. Perhaps its economy is boosting, lol. The proofs are the establishments that are growing abundantly in every street. Also, the locals or simply the Ilonggos are really approachable and friendly. The photo below were the people whom we've asked for directions that were really game posing on camera =)
The Locals
During my stay, I had a chance to savor some of the province's delicacies that will make you crave and ask for more.

King Crabs

Want some? =)

 Roxas City is a medium size city but it offers what big cities like Manila can (even nature and other man made wonders). In fact, it is home to one of the historical churches like Saint Monica church in Panay, where the biggest bell in Asia and the third in the world can be found.

Saint Monica Church

Aunt's Pond
I seldom go here but i always find contentment each time i pay a visit. So, If you wish to experience and taste the abundance of marine life, beautiful nature, and an amazing history, go and visit the Philippines Sea Foods Capital of Roxas City. A place where everything is in its abundance!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thailand's first Kingdom

From amazingly designed temples, breathtaking beaches in the south to mountainous rugged terrain in the north, Thailand offers endless activities and captivating spots where travelers can enjoy. One of its attractions that draws huge number of tourists annually is the ancient city of Sukothai. The name translates as "Dawn of Happiness" and was Thailand's first Kingdom established in 1238. Today, it is popularly known as Sukothai Historical Park.

One of the park's main attraction

Captured Moments =)

Sukothai Historical Park is huge surrounded by walls and has four gates. A bicycle is required to get around the entirety of the place. Once inside, you will be captivated by the ancient ruins of Buddhist temples and palaces that represents the oldest and intricately Thai architectural style.

After a few attempts,finally I did it, yipee =)


Hence, in 1991 UNESCO declared the ancient city of Sukothai as a world heritage site. Come and see for yourself; and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did =)

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